Thursday, March 4, 2010

Reading benefits BDHPI!

Make time to read a book this month! Author and rescue advocate Sheila Boneham, Ph.D. is donating all profits from March book sales to Big Dogs Huge Paws for copies of books ordered DIRECTLY through Big Dogs Huge Paws! See below for details.

* The Multiple Dog Family * Rescue Matters! * Training Your Dog for Life *All by respected Author Sheila Boneham, Ph.D., and all available through BDHP to benefit the rescue! Order your copy of any of these books by March 2010 and not only will you have an opportunity to read and learn from these helpful resources, but you'll be helping the Gentle Giants of Big Dogs Huge Paws.

Books Available and Price (per copy):The Multiple Dog Family $10.95Training Your Dog for Life $19.95Rescue Matters $14.95

Learn more about author Sheila Boneham, Ph.D., and links to her books and

Flat rate S&H is $5 per order for up to three books going to the same address; see below for ALL ordering info!

HOW TO ORDER:1. Decide which books you’d like to purchase (or if you’d like all three!)2.Go to and- Enter the total for your order – including $5 flat rate shipping per order – up to three books to the same address.- In the "how would you like your donation to be used?" space, please enter any or all titles you'd like to order (i.e. "Rescue Matters, Training, Multi-Dog Books) * Note: If you’d like to order more than three books or would like to send them to different locations, please add $5 for the next three books to the same address or $5 per book going to a different address than the initial address entered.
Questions? Please e-mail Shaun at, thanks!


"Rescue Matters should be required reading for everyone in rescue. It's absolutely packed with great, practical advice." -- Susan Daffron, Founder, National Association of Pet Rescue Professionals

Any library strong on basic pet primers - and any new dog owner - will find [Training Your Dog for Life] a welcome addition, -- Midwest Book Review

"With an estimated 75 million pet dogs in the United States, over 37% of owners have more than one dog. The Multiple-Dog Family covers important subjects like how to plan for, set up, and maintain a home environment that will help dogs and owners live in harmony. It explains the necessary housing and lifestyle adjustments required to accommodate multiple dogs, along with how to introduce newcomers to the group while keeping all your canine companions happy, healthy, and safe." -- The Animal Planet Store

CAN'T WAIT TO START READING? Order your books today!- Orders will be submitted TWICE in March, the first set of orders will be sent in on March 15th and the second and FINAL orders for this benefit promotion MUST be in by March 30th 2010.- You will receive your books within 2 – 3 weeks from order date (3/15/2010 or 3/30/2010, depending on when you order your books)

*Special thanks to Author & Rescue Advocate Sheila Boneham, Ph.D. for offering to to donate proceeds from this month's book sales ordered through Big Dogs Huge Paws to help our gentle giants in rescue, and thank you to all of you who support BDHP and who are looking forward to learing from a fellow rescue supporter by reading any one - or all three - of these helpful, practical application books.

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