Friday, March 5, 2010

Shorty is Home!

For those that follow the website, you know that Shorty the black Great Dane has been with us for over a year. During that year, his foster parents Greg & Kristy, have sacrificed a lot for this boy. Shorty has horrible ADD/ADHD and the things this crazy boy does make the rest of us shake our heads! As Greg puts it "He has the attention span of a humming bird and pretty much unlimited energy."

We've known all along finding Shorty the right home would be a challenge. We are very thankful that Greg and Kristy were ready and willing to love, teach & manage this boy for as long as it took. And to top it all off Shorty and their other Dane Duke don't see eye to eye on much, so musical dogs they play!

After much discussion and soul searching, Greg & Kristy recently decided they would like to open their home permanently to Shorty. We are thrilled he can stay with such capable and patient people.

Shorty is a perfect example of the great work BDHPI does. Many other rescues would have given up, not may are equipped to handle all of the issues a dog like Shorty presents.

It's been a long road for Shorty (and Greg & Kristy), but he is finally home.

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