Thursday, March 4, 2010

Volunteers join the Director & Officer Ranks!

We are incredibly blessed with the Volunteers we have, many of whom work day in and day out behind the scenes! As we have grown, we've seen the need to add new positions within the BDHPI Director & Officer Boards. Please help me congratulate the below Volunteers on their new roles:

Cindy Elkind- Chief Admin Officer: Cindy is wonderwoman! Uploading apps, answering emails, processing fostering applications, working events, homechecks...the list goes on and on! She is Lindsay & Bree's right hand lady and about the sweetest person you will ever meet!!

Lisa Cecchini- HR Director: When Bree was asked to step into the COO role, that left her HR role open. Lisa was an obvious fit. Lisa handles the monthly dog food orders, assigns homechecks, is a member of the hotline/email team, a foster home, does transports and is responsible for the wonderful follow up program we have with our adopting families! She is excited to manage the Adoption Process here at BDHPI and we know she will continue to do a great job! Lisa and Corey also adopted their sweet Roxi from BDHPI!

Renee Laposa- Marketing Director: Renee hit the ground running when she became a Volunteer, and is overwhelmed with great ideas for events and publicity! She has started a multi state Meet up Group for BDHPI, organized very successful Yappy Hours, is responsible for the incredible Rescue Photo Book we are about to publish, created the SmileBox for each adopting family, does homechecks...need I go on? We aren't sure her brain ever shuts off...and we are thankful for that! Renee and Nick also adopted Cooper the Great Dane from BDHPI too!

These 3 ladies are perfect example of self-starters-In fact, when we started BDHPI, we didn't even know these 3 ladies existed...and now look at them :)

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