Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Zoe found a home!

An update from Zoe's new mom:

Just a note to tell you how very much we love our "little" ZOE! She traveled all day to be with us on Saturday...was slightly restless and nervous that night and by the next day she acted as if she had been our baby her entire life! She is such a love! She minds well also...she is very cute, funny, full of life (actually seems much younger than 2+ years)...she has crazy energy at times and then sleeps for 2 hours straight. She and our Newf have started to lay next to one another and show an interest now. She eats like a cookie monster! She is so pudgy and adorable...we have had several people over to meet her already and they just laugh!

Here are a couple additional photos of Zoe settling in. We may rename her after all...we have been calling her MOCHI because she looks like a cartoon character from Japan and because she is soft and squishy like a piece of mochi.

What a sweetheart she is.

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